Replica watches comprehensive cleaning and maintenance

Replica watches comprehensive cleaning and maintenance


Whether the way of wearing the watch is clean or not is of great significance to the life span of the watch. One of the negligences in life. Wearing a watch to take a bath, the appearance of the watch is stained, not only is it easy to damage the watch, but also directly affects the life of the watch. The influence of summer on the watch clearly exposes some hidden dangers. We should thoroughly clean and maintain the watch.

After a watch is worn for a long time, a lot of stains will be left on the edge of the case bottom and around the crown, which directly affects the appearance. When pulling out the crown to tune the watch, cross the last line of replica watches uk defense on the outer layer and take advantage of it. Not to mention the erosion of the movement, there will be endless troubles in the future. Your watch has basically become inaccurate.

For the cases that have passed, the case and strap are cleaned with a toothbrush and professional detergent. Then wash with water and wipe, if the watch is not waterproof. Please pay special attention when cleaning. Summer is humid and sultry, and the sweat on the inner layer of the belt will give out a pungent smell. For the hygiene and beauty of the belt. Please choose a special leather detergent. Please remove the protective film on the back of the new watch immediately. Otherwise, sweat will stay in the gaps of the film. Over time, there was a circle of corrosion marks. The parts corroded by sweat may also cause skin irritation.


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